Saturday, February 14, 2015

If I never see your face again I don’t mind – The story of bumping into my ex Pierre

Last Valentine’s day I was the most happy girl on earth celebrating this day in the city of love with my Frenchie. He was the Don Jon of all Frenchie’s, a sexy dark-haired Frenchman! His name was Pierre and he was the love of my life. We started the day with some old fashioned breakfast in bed, after that we spend most part of the day strolling around beautiful Paris. This year around I also met Pierre but in a different kind of way..
It was Thursday the 12th February, while being all dolled up and on my way to the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere (which was awesome) I was confronted by a very awkward incident..
Slowly I walked down the metro, my heels were killing me and my dress was far too tight and my hair  was all messed up my the wind. While sitting in the metro I couldn’t help but notice a very handsome guy that was sitting in front of me, even just slightly seeing him from behind he kind of reminded me of my ex Pierre. ‘’Could it really be Pierre?’ ,’’In an empty metro in Amsterdam?’’,’’ What kind of coincident would that be?’’ No, I didn’t want to believe that! After the horrible realization that it was really him, I noticed that he was with a girl kissing and hugging her. There was an awful shock that came thought me and the first thing I was concerned about was how I looked, and thank god I did look damn hot. While staring at him with literally my mouth open he slowly turned around and was even more in shock then me! That awkward moment of silence came in...I just stood up walked around them...looked him in the eyes.. and quickly went out the next stop. Yes. I know. I just couldn’t deal with this situation of him being with her, because in reality I still had feeling for him and being ok about this would just hurt me more.
I guess our love was really made for movie screens hehe
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