Sunday, March 8, 2015

Things you should know before dating a Frenchman

From my own experience, dating a Frenchman is like being part of a soap that will continue with drama, hot sex, fights and endless love. Basically it’s going to be an on and off, hot and cold game. So if you’re getting ready to date a sexy dark haired Frenchie then there are some general things you should know about Frenchman.
-         They are sex mad! Frenchman are sex obsessed animals– they are horny all time and actually pretty good and open-minded bed lets put it this way if they're not eating, they're making love.
-         Frenchmen love complaining! Seriously, I think I never heard so much complaining in my life. They complain about literally everything! It’s a part of their daily routine to complain about; the weather, their work, their friends, the metro. At some point I really think that French guys think there’s smart just because they manage to constantly find a problem to complain about.
-         They are big flirts. They love flirting around with ANYONE. It can be their boss, their neighbors, your friends or his friends. For French guys flirting is not about getting laid, acting on it ore cheat. It’s about being in the game, playing with their charm they consider it fun and harmless -flirting is not cheating.. so they say.
-         Can we take a minute to appreciate the fact how sexy Frenchman are. Every time I was looking at my Frenchie, I was dreaming about how cute our Babies will be hehe. Who wouldn’t want to have their bébés mignons?
-         They love their body hair and scruffs. I wouldn’t say they’re practically hairy but Frenchman don’t shave every day. I think it does have something irresistible and sexy to it.
-         Frenchman are always busy. If it’s not working then its their private life. There’s nothing more important to French men than their freedom for free time. (don’t worry you will be squeezed in in his busy schedule).
-         Frenchman dress nicely. you will never find a real Frenchman in a ripped out baggy jeans. Inside he will be wearing nice tailored suites, jackets, scarfs, even a plain black t-shirt will make him look sexy… with a  certain je ne sais quoi.
-          Frenchman are intellectual  and love to debate /talk about gastronomy, politics, literature, and music. They’re great conversationalists and don’t forget to accent. Who wouldn’t want to learn something while listening to their sexy accent?
Et voilà!
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Every time that you get undressed, I hear symphonies in my head - The story of Mr Lil’ Wing dang doodle

A few months ago on a hot summer day, I decided to give Tinder a shot. I was not looking for anything serious just a for little summer fling.  With no idea what I was doing; I swap left and right.
Shortly after Mr Lil’ Wing dang doodle and I met each other. It turns out he was an politician, extremely handsome and had a great body. I was drooling all over him he was charming, had the looks and surprisingly he had the same name as my ex. I thought that it was some kind of sign off the universe. Wrong.  More importantly, he told me that he only wants something serious, that  he wasn’t looking for a hook up. I couldn’t believe that a guy from Tinder just declined my summer hook up and actually was looking for something serious. Feeling kind of surprised, I decided to just go for it and for the next weeks we went on some hot summer dates. Every time I tried to get frisky, he would tell me that we should wait till we create an emotional bond. I found it kind of strange (shocker) he’s a guy isn’t sex what they all aim for at first! (and since when do the French actually want to wait). But he made me feel incredible sexy and  there was so much attraction between us that it really couldn’t go I thought.
After a while the end of the summer was coming. Like all things everything comes to an end and it was about time to resolve this mystery.  On one day after he had way too much to drink, I finally got some affections from him. He took me to his place that night and it all happened so fast. He aggressively ripped my clothes off.. god I can remember how excited I was hoping that after weeks of waiting this would be the best sex of my life. And there is was staring at me.. itsy bitsy little twinkie I couldn’t believe what just happened. Is that why he wanted to wait for sex so that I create an emotional bond with him?
I didn’t want to dump him just because of his size and after all I did had feelings for him.  Knowing that my body is also not perfect, how would I feel if he would dump me just because of my breast size!! I tried to apply the size doesn’t matter attitude and really tried to make it work. But no it was just too small. The next couple of dates I kind of faked it. It looked like he wasn’t bothered about his size, maybe nobody ever told him? And if you wonder what happened ; shortly after he broke things off with me told me he was too busy (I was kind of relieved).