Bonjour tout le monde!

I'm Madleine, a 22 year old Dutch girl living in Paris.

You might say that I’m living the dream. When I was 18 I did an internship in Paris and immediately fell in love with the city and the French man of course:))) One year ago, I decided to pursue my Parisian dream and move to Paris for my studies. This time around, I was determined to become a classy French woman, with the perfect Frenchie by my side. 

However,  la vie en Paris doesn’t come without challenges.  When we think about Paris, we think about the city of love, we think about an idealized presentation.  I can tell you that living in Paris is AMAZING but there is so much to discover. At this moment I can openly admit that I have an affair with this beautiful city, though I’m currently home in Amsterdam, so this is the perfect moment to start this blog and share my wildest French adventures, experiences and advice with you!

If you have any questions or comments, please post them on my blog.  I’m always up for discussing all Frenchie things.

P.S Please keep in mind that English is not my first language, I’m positively improving it!

Happy reading! Bisous!