Saturday, February 14, 2015

It’s like I have this music in my head saying it’s going to be alright - My survival kit for v-day for a single Parisian girl

Let face it; Valentine’s day is the most hated day for single ladies (even more if you’re in Paris)! Like most modern single girls, you will be either spending this day at home watching a romantic movie with a box of chocolate or stalking all your exes on social media and just hoping their day is even worst.  
Here is my survival kit for Valentine’s day for a 20- something single girl in the city of love;
1.       Instead of pitting yourself, choose to reflect on your love life, like on new year’s eve this is a great time to make some new resolutions and promises to yourself.
2.       Avoid social media!! Stop looking at the one thing that ruins your day; your ex. Who gives a f*ck what he’s doing on this day? Also for god sake it is a Saturday today, which means it will rain will love posts and Instagram pictures of happy couples! I warned you!
Today I received a Snapchat-video of a guy(I used to date )peeing in a big heart at some kind of club, no idea what that means, I hope it’s not a love message hehe.
3.       Call your girls and get out of the house, either way just don’t sit alone at home. Meet for some high tea, or a lovely stroll around the city. There are so many new things to discover in Paris, you can visit some museums or shop around. The one thing I really like to do is strolling around Parisian park’s.  (And you never know maybe you find a handsome Frenchman sitting right next to you)
4.       Plan some activities for the evening, go and watch the new Fity Shades of Grey movie or simply go out and get wasted.
5.       If your planning on staying home, then I would recommend to order some food and watch some funny comedies or listen to some great music!
Playlist of the day
1.       Maroon 5/Makes me wonder
2.       Maroon 5/Runaway
3.       Charlie XCX/Body Of My Own
4.       Taylor Swift/Blank Space
5.       MGMT/Time To Pretend
6.       Kodaline/High Hopes
7.       Kodaline/Talk
8.       Kendji Girac/Andalouse
9.       Tove Lo/Habits
10.   OneRepublic/I Lived
6.       Most important of all LOVE YOURSELF you’re meant to be extraordinary! Make the most out of your life J
Lots of love,
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