Saturday, February 21, 2015

There she goes looking like a star, with her body shaped like a rock guitar- The effortless elegance of the Parisian style

Last week I went to a nice date, so I was really determined to prepare myself to look fabulous. I even decided what to wear the day before so I’m not in a last minute panic with a room covered in reject outfits. While being in the process of doing my full makeup and hair, putting on my high heeled Louboutins, I suddenly remembered how much I missed this. It’s not that I haven’t been going on dates lately, but the thing is that dating in Paris doesn’t require so much preparations. A real French girl would never spend hours in front of a mirror for a date or even match her clothes- she has better things to do anyway- But how can the French girls look so utterly perfect all the time? The answer is simplicity.

Talking in experience and spending hours observing their style, I can openly announce that the French (partially Parisian) style is all the same! Yes. the French girls all look and dress the same. They don’t practically follow fashion trends, they make the trends and develop a signature look. - I found to understand that there’re three golden unsaid  style rules- The first ones is that it has to be neutral. The French girls love to wear black if not black then navy blue, beige or white will do and the more the better. They keep it simple, chic and stay away from bright colors. The second rule is not to show too much skin. Leave your sexy skirt and dress at home cause the French girls will only see that as showing off sexiness or worst being vulgar. Rule number three is to be effortless. You don't want to appear as though you have spent hours in front of the mirror. Inside of having a full makeup look, choose one element which stands out like red lips.
So these are the three unsaid rules which I discovered. These girls show so much confidence by just looking normal and simple, it has something alluring in it. So to achieve this true Parisian femme fatale style, every girl should at least have these essential pieces in her closet:
1.       A classic trench coat
2.       A men’s jacket
3.       A leather biker jacket
4.       A pair of classis flat shoes
5.       A pair of sharp black stilettos
6.       A cashmere sweater
7.       A silk blouse
8.       A linen t-shirt
9.       A mini black dress
10.   The vintage killer bag
11.   The IT bag
12.   A silk scarf
Voila and you’re ready to go! What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know what your basics are.

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