Friday, February 27, 2015

10 Random little things you’re going to learn while living in Paris


Today I’m sharing 10 random little things that you’re defiantly going to learn while living in Paris. So here we go;
1: There’s no WIFI availability anywhere expect at Starbucks and MacDonald (MacDo). It’s a phenomenon which I can’t explain but come on we live in 2015 isn’t it about time to have some free networks available in a big city like this?
2: You learn that French woman are your number one frenemies and French men your number one goal!
3: After a few weeks you will gain weight by eating a baguette a day and threat yourself every day for a different pastry. Pâtisseries are everywhere in Paris, not to mention all those little crêpe corners witch have those deliciously crêpe Nutella’s.
4: Having an house party will be more about wine, cheese, literature and talks about politics then getting wasted.
5: You become a history nerd spending days strolling around parks and museums.
6: The most popular French word you’re going to be using is putain. For Parisians this is more then just a curse word, they use it for everything and anything thousand times a day. With time it will be like music in your ears.
7: You realize that your social status will depend on your arrondissement. If you live in the 16th then congratulations your official part of the little rich bubble and consider yourself ‘’one of them’’.
8: Your new best friend will be called; the color black.
9: Drinking a coffee in a café is going to be considered an actually date and hobby.
10: The metro will become your only transportation and the underground life and piss smell will feel so familiar in no time! You will be an expert in knowing all the lines and colors but will have no idea how to take the bus. ( shocker there are actually busses in Paris).
What do you think? Leave a comment behind and share what you have learned during your stay in Paris.

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