Monday, February 16, 2015

She's just a girl, and she's on fire, hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway – The free spirit of ‘’La fille Parienne‘’

The most hidden and secretly part of Paris lies underneath la Parisienne.. the most difficult part while living in Paris was to understand and to adapt to the Parisians girls. I remember how out of place I felt the first time I  tried to interact with these girls, it was a horrible experience and on that day I put them in a box which was called.. the ‘’b*tch box’’. In my mind these girls were so closed to the out world, so selfish and arrogant. But a real Parisian woman acts and is something totally different than any other woman around the world and even other parts of France. What I came to understand now is that this is what makes them so special, irresistible, mysterious and classical. Yes ,with time I slightly started to understand them.
A Parisian girl can be very intimidating at first. why? Because she simply doesn’t feel like she has to be nice to you or (worst scenario) your friend. This girl sticks to her gang, she has here girls which she already knows from when she was in kindergarten or from her collage years, plus you’re a foreigner. She grew up to have here place in the society and likes to have ‘‘circles of friends’’ these are her buddies for life. If your lucky and you know someone inside this circle you could get a free pass to getting to know here. It sound very cliché but it really works like that.
A Parisian girl is also very independent. While not caring about what others think of her, she will do anything to make you think that it comes to her easy.  She keeps a nonchalant attitude in everything even in dating.  She doesn’t care for the label ‘’boyfriend’’ she enjoys living her life without running after a guy. But not caring for it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it, she has the perfect boyfriend which does everything for her, because she is a pro in playing hard to get! She will play it cool but at the same time demand quality and not quantity.
And last but not least she has a free spirit, loves;  to drink, smoke, chat, have her coffee and if you get a chance to get to know her you will understand that she is fun to be around with!
Keep in mind that this is how I experienced it, of course every person is different and I’m not trying to stereotype the Parisians girls. And by the way the Parisian girls may be a bit arrogant but are defiantly not classified in my ''b*tch box'' anymore!!

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